Manual & Motorized Roller Shades

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Manual Roller Shades

Danmer's roller shades use the highest quality fabrics and specially engineered parts in combination with the most recent manufacturing technology to produce our fabric roller shades.

Our heavy-duty chain operated clutch mechanism allows you to position our window roller shades with precise accuracy, plus our bi-directional clutch never needs adjustment. When the operator stops pulling on the bead chain, the clutch stops automatically, holding the roller shades in the exact position desired.

Danmer has spent more that 30 years providing elegant solutions for your fabric roller shades and solar roller shades needs. Danmer has a Window roller shades solution that will be just right for you and your family.

Manual Roller Shades

Motorized Rollershades

At the touch of a button, motorized shades can be instantly adjusted to changing activities or varying sun conditions. Our motors are available in several sizes, speeds, and lift capabilities for use with virtually any size window shade.

• Easily Adjust Hard to Reach Places
• Conveniently Manage Glare
• Effortlessly Adjust Large Shades
• Automatically Protect Furnishings
• Instantly Create Privacy
• Reduce Energy Costs
• Quiet Operation

Automated Controls
Controlling the motors of cordless shades can be as simple as using a single wall switch operating one shade or creating fully integrated systems controlling shade motors in groups, sub-groups, and individually by use of: