Turn Any Shutter Into A Work Of Art

The art and elegance of custom window shutters is alive and well at Danmer. We offer tableaux faux iron panels and stained glass overlays that can take your window coverings to the next level. If you're looking for a marriage of beauty and form in your shutters, discover these custom options available with your Danmer custom shutters.

Tableaux Faux Iron Panels

Add even more elegance to your shutters with our Tableaux Faux Iron Panels. You get the graceful look of wrought iron made from lightweight environmentally friendly materials.

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Tableaux Faux Iron panels Tableaux Faux Iron panels Tableaux Faux Iron panels

Stained Glass Shutter Overlays

Our architectural decorative Stained Glass shutter overlays are custom designed as a single piece of glass that provides more durability and energy efficiency than traditional cut glass. If you want to integrate the elegance of stained glass into your shutters, these overlays will provide the look you want.
Tableaux Faux Stained Glass Overlays