Sun Control Roller Shades

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Roller ShadesChoose Danmer's Sun Roller Shades to make any room in your home a more comfortable environment. These solar shades use fabrics that diffuse light, reduce glare, and help control interior temperatures. Blackout shades help reduce the fading of all your interior furnishings and provide an energy efficient solution for lowering the amount of solar heat gain in your home.

Fabric Selection for Roller Shades

Danmer's window shades use the highest quality fabrics and specially engineered parts in combination with the most recent manufacturing technology to produce the fabric roller shades. Danmer has spent more that 35 years providing elegant solutions for your window covering needs. From the simplicity of a chain operated clutch control or the sophistication of motorized operations, Danmer has a window shades solution that will be just right for you and your family.

Green Fabrics

Green/Eco-Friendly Shade Fabrics

Danmer offers an extensive line of PVC-Free solar roller shades and fabrics. Eco-friendly SheerWeave Infinity is PVC-free and 100% recyclable. Like other SheerWeave fabrics, Infinity provides the same solar heat and glare control properties that have elevated roller shades from mere decoration, to high performance tools for conserving energy, harnessing natural light, and maintaining interior comfort levels.

Micro Fabrics

Microban Fabrics

Many of the SheerWeave fabrics used in Danmer’s Sun Control Roller Shades feature Microban certification. Microban antimicrobial protection works continuously for the lifetime of the shade to inhibit the growth of stain-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Solar Screen Fabrics

Solar Screen Fabrics

Solar roller shades are designed to filter out natural light, rather than block it out. These materials reduce heat absorption and prevent heat and cold loss. While they provide substantial protection against fading, solar screens also preserve an outside view.

Blackout Fabrics

Blackout Shade Fabrics

Blackout fabric roller shades are designed to filter out all light from entering a room. They provide significant heat protection and instant privacy, making them an ideal choice for conference rooms, bedrooms, and home theaters.

Designer Fabrics

Designer Fabrics

Designer fabrics for our window roller shades create a decorative look to match the motif of any room.

Shade Color Options

If you’re curious about what color options are available with our sun roller shades, take a look at our color options gallery. Browse the various options available and find the perfect hue for your home.