What is the Difference Between Exterior and Interior Window Shutters?

Do you know the difference between exterior and interior window shutters? While they both serve basically the same purpose, to cover your windows; interior and exterior shutters function differently and can change the look of your home quite a bit. Before deciding which shutters to buy, consider the differences.

Custom Wood Shutters in the Library

Our special Diamond Coat Finish™ is designed to give our wood shutters an extra-hard finish, significantly extending the shutters’ longevity.Not all wooden shutters can offer this type of endurance.

Interior Window Shutters vs. Exterior Window Shutters

  • The main purpose of interior shutters is to block light, provide privacy, offer some insulation and enhance the interior décor. Exterior shutters are used partially for the unique look, but mainly to protect from harsh weather conditions.
  • Interior shutters are installed on the inside of the window frame and they swing inward to allow access to the window or to let light and air into the room. Exterior shutters attach to the outside of the window frame at the side, top or bottom depending on how you want to be able to open the shutters.
  • Most interior shutters have operable louvers that allow light in without opening the entire shutter. Exterior shutters are not typically designed to be opened and closed on a daily basis.
  • Exterior shutters are typically made from highly durable wood or synthetic materials such as PVC or fiberglass and are designed to handle strong weather conditions. Interior shutters can be made from painted or stained wood or other synthetic materials and they don't need to be as strong and sturdy as exterior shutters that must contend with wind, rain and sun.

Choose Danmer for Interior Window Shutters

If you're looking for stylish yet functional interior window shutters, look no further than Danmer Custom Shutters. We have provided custom made, high-quality shutters since 1976. All our interior window shutters are made from highly-durable materials that are designed to last for generations. Energy efficient Thermalite™ Shutters are made from solid, non-toxic polymer foam and our custom hardwood shutters are built from the highest grade hardwood available.

You can also trust the customer service and workmanship of Danmer as well. First, our design specialist will schedule a free, in-home consultation to help you choose the best shutters for your home. Once all of the design decisions are made, our highly-trained installation experts will make sure your shutters are installed with industry-leading workmanship. In fact, all of our installers are Danmer factory-trained employees – not part time contractors. Our customer service team is there to help via phone, email or instant chat to answer any questions and you can rest assured knowing that your shutters are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation design consultation in your home and you’ll find out why Danmer is the trusted name in interior window shutters.