Wood Shutters

People often think of wooden shutters as being used on the exterior of residences and businesses. However the meaning of this type of shutter also applies to several different interior features of the home or business. Shutters can be used throughout the home to add beauty and charm to a room using different finishes and materials while offering other benefits. People may often confuse these types of wood shutters with blinds and other window coverings.

The difference between wooden shutters and blinds, as well as other window coverings, is that the wood shutters can swing open and close providing unobstructed views out the window. When they are closed, there are louvers which can be opened and closed to allow sunlight in or block it completely out of the room. Unlike blinds, the louvers will close completely creating a smooth surface or opened at different angles to allow varying levels of light into the room.

Wooden shutters can be made out of different types of wood, which affect their durability and how long they will last. Higher quality woods will result in wood shutters which last longer, resist fading, and contain low resin contents to prevent bleeding through finishes and stains. Wood made shutters can be stained to match a particular finish of a room or painted to accent the colors in the room instead. The most common color choice is a bright white painted finish as white reflects sunlight and does not absorb heat.

Wooden shutters may also be made out of synthetic materials which resemble the look and feel of wood but do not require the use of natural resources to manufacturer. Thermalite is one brand type of synthetic shutter which is made from polymer foam and provides other benefits including being fire retardant, water resistant and offering better insulation than traditional wood shutters. Thermalite brand synthetic shutters were developed by Danmer Custom Shutters during the mid-1980s by the business owner, who was looking for a high quality product which could be used as a wood substitute.

Other types of wooden shutters offered by Danmer are called Masterpiece shutters which offer people the ability to create custom wood shutters using engraving or printing options. Printed Masterpiece shutters offer people the ability to create their own custom pictures which appear when the shutters are completely closed offering a seamless image while blocking light from the room. Engraved wood shutters use a similar process but have the image engraved into the wood instead, which depending upon the depth of the engraving, can change with the light throughout the day.

In addition to the different wooden shutters offered by Danmer, the company also provides people the ability to order custom made window coverings, crown moldings, stained glass and faux iron finishes. The company offers a free in-home design consultation to discuss all the different interior shutter and window covering options for your home or business. In the state of California, Danmer is the only approved shutter manufacturer used by the California League of Homeowners. For additional information about shutters or to schedule an in-home consultation or obtain a free quote, visit the website or call 800-684-3434.